How do you get there from here?

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  1. Angela MacKay says:

    I totally agree that we often use landmarks as they are much easier to see from a distance. Maybe this article will get to the Ministry of Transportation and therefore they can make suitable changes in regards to street signs therefore limiting the frustration and stress on both the driver and the drivers behind a car. This would then maybe erase some of the “road rage”.
    Who knows, maybe this is why there seems to be a Tim Hortons on every street corner, if so a great marketing tool and business sense.

  2. Scott, I was able 2 read the Link 2day! Insightful!! TY 4 making this essay available!!! I M aware of a community that has only 1 intersection w/ stop lights: ALL residents & ALL businesses (even in ADS!!!!) give directions as N, S, E, or W of THERE by whatever # of blocks or miles R applicable…
    P.S. TY 4 the photo of a Tim Horton’s; NEVER heard of them!!!!!

  3. Completely agree that we use Land marks, mainly Public Houses, Traffic lights etc as well as the modern gadgets.

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