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  1. Frank Cullinane says:

    According to the Department for Transport based on statistics supplied by police road traffic accident investigators…

    Failed to look properly was the cause of 38% of all road traffic accidents.

    Failed to look properly was the cause of 58% of injury and fatal pedestrian accidents.

    Will those drivers who fail to look see DRL?

    • safedriver says:

      Thanks for the comment. If turning on your low beam headlights can reduce even 1 % of injuries or death, then it’s worth it. Low beams can attract the attention of drivers who know how to look, but may miss you. The “failed to look properly” most likely means the drivers failed to use their eyes effectively. If the driver doesn’t know where to look or what to look for, they’re most likely going to crash. Driving is done with your eyes. Your hands and feet are only tools for your eyes. Anything we can do to help drivers see us, can help them avoid hitting us.

  2. In my own book I point out every circumstance that lights would help. This is a big one, I try to tell people, and they think I’m nuts. More people should read these helpful articles.

  3. Kevin says:

    Good advice, I always drive with my headlights on regardless of time of day/weather. Luckily my car automatically shuts them off when I leave the car so I don’t ever have to worry about whether they’re on or not. I just keep them on the on switch and forget about it.

    This is a bit unrelated, but I wonder what your opinion is on rear turn signals? Specifically turn signals that aren’t amber? I think red turn signals are more difficult to see than ambers, but I’ve also noticed that more and more new cars are going with red rather than amber. Probably the worst, in my opinion, are cars that have the brake light double as the turn signal because if you burn out a brake light that also means you lose your turn signal at the same time.

    • safedriver says:

      I agree with you that if rear signals are also red and if the fuse or bulb goes, it can lead to problems. Often the signal stays of if a bulb needs replacing; it doesn’t flash. This may lead to drivers behind not knowing why you’re slowing in traffic. That being said, a flashing light is easier spotted compared to a light that just stays on. Regardless of the colour, it should still do the job. Often, the bulbs have a multi=purpose for the vehicle. A brake light make burn out, but the signal may still work. Keep in mind it’s the colour of the plastic cover that’s red.

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