One way or two way?

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  1. Rob Woollard says:

    I teach 6 ways of recognizing a 1 way from a 2 way street.

    1. Signs all facing you.
    2. Traffic lights only facing you.
    3. All lanes of traffic travelling same direction in all lanes.
    4. Parked traffic only facing one direction on both sides of the road or on left side if permitted.
    5. Lines on the ground
    6. One way signs

    I see at least one person a week travelling the wrong direction on a one way street here in Peterborough. Personally when I am driving I tend to look at the traffic lights to see if they are only on one side or both. It is usually the indicator I can see from the farthest distance away.

  2. David Root says:

    A few years back when I was “between cars” I was walking from my day job to my evening job. I reached one of the Sault’s odd intersections. It is a T intersection: the upright of the T is one-way southbound. The right side of the bar is one way westbound, with the left lane exiting to the one-way southbound road. The left side of the T is two-way, with the eastbound lane exiting to the one-way southbound road. (A picture would have been easier!)

    Anyway… as I got to the intersection, I noticed a car driving NORTHBOUND on the one-way southbound road, signalling and beginning to turn right, which would take him EASTBOUND on the one-way westbound road.

    I flagged him down and pointed out his error. His comment to me was, “That explains the last intersection I went through. There were traffic lights to my left and right, but none straight ahead.”

    One of the problems I find (other than driver error) is that municipal traffic departments are familiar with their cities, and fall into the “everyone knows” trap. We need to look at our traffic control systems with an outsider’s eye, to be sure that all signs, pavement markings and signals are clear to everyone.

  3. Sharron connor says:

    Why can i not google a list of one way streets. It certainly would not be a hard project for the city to provide.a detailed mao might be niice also showing in a ted arrow those streets that are one way downtown.Get with it. People like to plan their trips

  1. August 17, 2012

    […] your community. Some road users are quite unfamiliar with a one way street system (please see for reference) and will make mistakes. It’s up to us as drivers to help everyone on the road […]

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