Come on…move over!

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  1. vehicles car says:

    great article about transportation.
    I get new knowledge after read this post.

    Thanks for share

  2. teddybeaver says:

    What if rules keep on changing and how can people be aware of the changes made in the rules. Who will be responsible if people are unaware of the rules.
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    • safedriver says:

      Quite often the media promotes major changes to traffic laws. As the authorities have said many times; ignorance of the law is no excuse. Keep up to date with you local media via newspaper, TV news and online newspapers. Thanks for the comment.

  3. teddybeaver says:

    People just have a look at the rules just when they take the driver permit. They can’t get the information about the updates even if they publish it in news paper and TV kind of things. There should be newsletter which need to be emailed to all the drivers about the updates which helps them in safe driving
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