Too hot to handle

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  1. Doug Wedel says:

    What about electric cars? They don’t use the engine to power the air conditioner. Would it be possible to leave the air conditioner on while you slip into a store or smtg for ten mins? Leaving an electric car in “idle” wouldn’t produce exhaust, so that ought to be possible. Right?

    • The Safe Driver: Thanks for the timely safety tip!

      Doug Wedel, While electric cars have got to be the newest, best alternative, I must disagree about the safety of leaving children unattended for ANY length of time in a vehicle at ANY time of the year! Children MUST be supervised at ALL times for their own safety because they are LOVED, & it IS the law to not leave them in the vehicle alone!

      STAY SAFE!!

  2. Mimi says:

    Whether or not the air conditioner can be left on, is beside the point. I realize the article’s main focus was on rising temperatures inside the vehicle but there are so many other things that can happen – why would you risk your children and leave them unattended?

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