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  1. peter says:

    Thats so true. People need to wake up and realise how important a seat-belt is in saving lives.

  2. Sad thing is as mentioned in Tucker movie, old opinions were seat-belts implied vehicles were not safe. Studebaker was one of first cars in 60’s to install them. Child restraints came later still, I was born in 1966, myself and probably by older siblings were wrapped in a blanket on top of a piece of plywood. I never had a car-seat as a child. When the belt fit though, I wore it.

    People also have a false belief that lights are only necessary if they cannot see anything. Some are so extreme that they can see with streetlights at night they don’t need theirs. There is never a perfect time when you can see EVERYTHING, so why not at least make yourself visible to others and run headlights at all times. They save just as many if not more lives than a seat-belt. Using both makes the best sense.

  3. Ryan says:

    I’ve only been in a car twice in the past 5 or 6 years and neither time did I wear a seatbelt.
    Both times were extremely short distances (less then 2 km). I would more then likely wear one on longer trips mainly because it’s law, however my main issue is being legislated to wear them.

    Four years ago my Dad was in a head on accident. He asked the OPP officer in charge if it was the seatbelt that saved him. He (OPP officer) said the airbag did more to keep him safe then the seatbelt.
    As it turns out the seatbelt was faulty anyways.

    I take exception to the way society has become safety obsessed, yet we actually aren’t any safer, but more paranoid.

    I don’t criticize anyone who chooses to wear a seatbelt or anyone who chooses not to. We are lacking personal choice in this country.

    • safedriver says:

      The airbags will help to protect you, but only if you’re sitting in the correct position – upright in your seat. airbags also don’t deploy in all types of crashes. For low speed crashes the seatbelt is the only thing to keep you secure. You don’t have to go far or fast to experience a need for a sudden stop and a quick swerve. Those movements will cause your body to be thrown around the seating compartment. Banging your head on metal or glass may not always kill you, but why take those chances.

  4. Ryan says:

    Even in just minor fender benders people smack their heads against the headrest quite hard (while wearing a seat belt), which for some could suffer mild to severe head injuries.
    A motoring helmet of course would help in these cases. (which do exist, and I’m not referring to the NASCAR type either)
    Should we also require school and city buses to have seat-belts?

    The reason we “need to” wear a seat belt is mainly because:

    1. Cars now go unnecessarily fast on both city streets and highways. (lower speed limits, better police enforcement along with actual penalties would be a start)

    2. The way cars are made now. A minor fender bender and a bumper is smashed in. (ie poorly made)

    3. Anyone can get a license. Making it harder for people to get their licenses in the first place. Actually failing people who don’t get a perfect score will help. It’s almost un-P.C. to even think of failing someone.

    4. The biggest reason of all…Distracted drivers. Texting, talking, eating, reading etc.

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