A top list of driving no no’s

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4 Responses

  1. Anna Schuler. says:

    Bless you. Bless you. Bless you…….. Hahahaha. Hate it when I sneeze it a tight construction zone. I think we all close our eyes.

  2. Sneezing can be annoying and dangerous, I have been lucky it happens during slow progress. I intend to finish writing my road sign guide in colour for real reading while driving, the kind I do every 150 ft or so. Yes I have seen books, even lap dogs on motorists steering wheels. I recommend the only reading is signs and road markings with large arrows.

  3. Myrtonos says:

    Does one have any less of an excuse for texing, using a handheld phone, etc when driving with passengers, then driving without? If you are the only person in the vehicle, then one has to drive, this is not neccesarily the case if there are others in the same vehicle.

  4. Arun s says:

    To cut to the chase, it’s the one single most responsible function you can perform on a daily or other basis. It’s the one place you will encounter and interact with total strangers regularly.
    That being said, should you not take it extremely seriously when you’re behind the wheel. I say I’d like to see someone multi task while driving a stick shift vehicle. They’d have to be a great juggler and not attract the attention of the police. Lots of room for thought wouldn’t you say?

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