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  1. We teach behavior modification based driver safety ( if you are interested) and I agree with the post in it’s entirety.

    We define aggressive driving as putting your needs ahead of the safety and needs of other drivers and pedestrians. You can readily see that all of the examples the writer cites fall into our definition of aggressive driving.

    There is a tendency in our societies (both Canadian and US) to teach and reteach violators or truck drivers how to drive safely. The fact is that most bad drivers already know HOW to drive safely, they simply CHOOSE not to (as the writer points out) by driving distracted on their phones, or driving impaired, or speeding or tailgating, etc.

    Make the choice to be a safer driver

    • safedriver says:

      Thank you for the comment Jim. I agree that most people choose to drive agressively and without concern for their actions. We need to work together to educate the popualtion of drivers and make our roads safer.

      Scott (The Safe Driver)

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