Are you a victim?

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  1. agus says:

    Good article and thanks for your information.

  2. Anna Schuler says:

    I become a victim everytime I am held up in my commercial vehicle for road closures, and lane closers due to accidents. My customers become victims because the current economy does not allow them to stay stocked up on the product I may be bringing them and they do not place an order until they are nearly out. This only has an affect on the consumers who will always blame the lousey truck driver for being late, but what about other transportation emergiences that are shut down due to your accident. Maybe an officer or a medic trying to transport a kidney for an operation, or a more vital organ. Even air shipped organs have to travel on the ground at some point. Maybe the officers or medics are trying to get to another emergency but your accident has caused the freeway closure that costs them the time they needed to save the life of a child, or one of your friends. Hopefully it wasn’t because you were reading your tweets, or, texting.

  3. Tim Burrows says:

    Hey Scott, another great article. I can’t believe I missed this one.

    I was speaking with a Transportation Expert in Toronto recently. He had seen a presentation I did on YouTube where I discussed how eliminating collisions would free up around 2 Billion dollars annually that could be directed to things like, feeding children, housing seniors and or building better infrastructure.

    He laughed and told me that my 2 Billion was severely conservative! Yes, Scott…we all pay.

  4. DriveSmartBC says:

    This theme is one of my favourite speaking notes, Well explained!

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