What winter clothing is best for driving?

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  1. Marin Mijatovic says:

    Hi Scott. I have a question about winter driving on behalf of my girlfriend Laurelle. She has Raynauds disease which is a circulatory disorder. Being in cold temperatures even for a short time causes her blood to flee from her extremities and into her core. She finds that this occurs most often when she is done work and getting into her cold car.

    Do you know of any car accessory or method of keeping warm in a car before it’s fully warmed up? There is a plug-in electric blanket from Canadian Tire but the reviews mention that people shouldn’t expect it to get very warm. Any help would be great. Thanks!

    • safedriver says:

      Keeping the hands and head warm are a big part. A product called “hot pockets” (I believe; or something like that) can keep the hands warm and a woollen hat can do the trick too. Have the gloves and hat on the heat vent before entering the vehicle. Keeping the area near the wrists warm will help to keep the blood warmer. I wouldn’t reccommend an electric blanket if driving. The vehicle warms up better while in motion, so after a few minutes, the heat should be in the vehicle. The heat from the gloves and hat should keep her warm enough until the vehicle heats up. I hope this can help.

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