Do you think of the consequences of your actions?

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  1. Anna Schuler says:

    Sometimes I think drivers look too far ahead which can blind you to objects that are right in front of you. A pedestrian, motorclcle, or even a small car can disapear from your vision if you are looking way up the road for a McDonalds sign.

  2. Headlights are an important safety tool, all instructors should teach you to use them, Only Young Drivers have I ever seen do so. Most have their little grey compact on the grey road under the grey sky and blend into the landscape, they are not visible, and it multiplies in bad weather.
    Yes an older woman probably should not have been driving, perhaps the pedestrian looked too late, we can’t know all the facts, its just sad that these can be prevented with education on how walk signals work, pressing that button matters the timing does change, without it, its just for cars.

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