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  1. i think its time to park the car in the garrage ;)..
    happy new year..

  2. Anna Schuler says:

    I’m not a lazy driver but it is more dangerous to climb on top of a 14′ tall semi on ice and snow. If I know it’s going to snow while I am parked for sleep I try to find a rural area so that when I take off everything will blow off before I am around traffic. Never the less, leave a good safe following distance behind all trucks.

    • safedriver says:

      Good point Anna regarding your 14 foot tall rig. I also like the idea of you driving in an area that can safely move the snow from the top of your rig without endangering other road users.

  3. My biggest problem with motorists is their aversion to the two minutes of life saving activity required to clean snow frost and ice off their vehicles. I haven’t written 4 comedy books with a lot to say on the issue for nothing. There is no higher form of dangerously stupid activity than entering a vehicle you cannot see out of and drive away. I blame Subaru and Jeep and Canadian Tire for very poorly thought commercials which promote unsafe behaviour.
    Of course Canadian Tire will sell $28 a pop wiper blades over a $5.99 snowbrush, that’s how they make money, but I want to strangle that woman that only use them.

  4. ALL OF IT! You can join my facebook group or follow my twitter for SINS Snow Impairment’s Not Safe. Especially 53 ft trailer rooves! That’s death to the poor person behind as soon as it lets go. I’ve seen it almost kill someone from a minivan, let alone a transport. Motorists have this strange belief that a button and a blade are enough, and the wind will take care of the rest. NO, Canadian Tire is making money $56 for 2 wipers vs. $5 for a brush, a brush will save your life more. I’ve seen vehicles lose roof snow onto thier own windshield as they drove, usually under braking, but still highly dangerous. SNOW is Impairment. Lights ON Snow OFF or don’t drive.

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