Fact or fiction?

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  1. Susan Winlaw says:

    Another great article Scott. I also support more education and testing – both physical driving and the written test every few years. As we age, we just keep on slipping into more bad habits. Just because we haven’t had any accidents, does not mean we are driving safely – for ourselves and for others.

    The added bonus to learning new things or reinforcing the rules at regular intervals is to stimulate the mind. That keeps us active and the more active and alert we are, the longer we’ll be able to drive.

    Thanks again and keep up the great work here.
    A faithful twitter follower – CarAdvice4Women

  2. All great, but I’d add that municipal government (like here in Toronto) encourages tailgating when lights are out-of-sync and congestion is allowed to get out of hand. Otherwise-intelligent drivers tailgate when their frustration gets to them.
    I’ve written more about this here.

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