‘Tis the season…

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  1. Anna Schuler says:

    “Christmas Stocking????” hahahahahaha, be safe

  2. Susan Winlaw says:

    As usual, your article is common sense, level headed and RIGHT on the money. It always amazes me that people do things when they know it is busiest and then complain about the lack of parking spots.

    One thing people might consider doing is to use those Valet parking services. Yes, it costs some money, but your car is parked in a supervised area, it saves you time looking forever for a spot and they sometimes help you pack the car with your shopping. Some locations even wash your vehicle while you shop. It is worth looking at for the time savings alone.

    Keep on handing out this info and I’ll keep RT’ing it. S>

  3. Personally I hate it when someone follows me in their car as I walk toward my own. Too many times they aren’t exactly patient as I load my car with bags, get seated, etc and even though it’s only a couple minutes, horns start blaring. I’ve also been followed many times with their bumper just feet away from me. No thank you. Now I never walk down the aisle that I’m parked in. I walk down a different one, then cross over leaving the “stalker” in the wrong aisle.

    Personally, I avoid shopping during peak hours as much as possible. Not worth the stress or risk. Nor do I even bother with trying for a spot close to the doors. If someone is with me, I’ll drop them off at the doors then drive to the far end of the lot to find a spot. Of course, the sooner you get your shopping done in the season, the less crazy the malls are!

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