Do you have the need for speed?

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  1. Well said. I had a passion to become a race driver, in 1989 I started with a course at Jim Russell in Mt. Tremblant Quebec, 3 day F1600 race cars, no wings learn about apexes gearing and how to widen corners through an apex. Belongs on a track, not a street, but keeping your eye ahead on the track is useful for the road.
    I followed that with a 2 day F2000 course, much faster cars at about 140mph with wings, corners were taken differently with both cars, the non wing did not require a brake tap in a dropping corner. Instructors take you around in a car or minivan at fair speed to point out how each corner should be taken, and point at the tire tracks into oblivion where some did it wrong.
    If you fail, you can pay to complete it again, one was doing that when I was there, they didn’t learn anything, it wasn’t 3 corners into lap 2 that he wrecked a car again. I did enjoy speed but was older than many of the participants who were already using the cars in a mechanics course, so I started out much slower, I got lapped twice in first session, once in 2nd session, and was never lapped in last session. I won the slalom event against an older man that does slaloms in his Corvette every weekend. The next year I did grad runnoffs, where it rained, and I never spun in the rain, in fact I prefer heavy rain because I drive the conditions and people who cannot cope will politely pull out of my way. They pick 10 out of the grads for a final test, the instructors wanted to pick me for my high learning curve and steady progress, but being at the back unlapped didn’t seem fair to the guys ahead. I could have gone to Britain if they did. I aimed to go to Winfield school in France by age 27 (limit) at age 26 I lost my job, and Winfield dropped their limit to age 25. My racing career consists of charity go-kart events over the years. I was hoping to be next Nigel Mansell, world champion at age 39. At narly 44 I write traffic comedy.

  2. Jenn Jilks says:

    This is a good post. Having been on the road for a couple of weeks house hunting, I have found the crazies are out there.

  3. jennjilks says:

    Here is ample evidence of same.

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