When should you hang up your keys?

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  1. I am amazed sometimes at the elderly drivers I see on the roads. Many of them are swerving or going 10-15 km below the speed limit. I actually know of a friends dad that has lost 60% of his sight but still drives!!!!

    Then again there are some 20 year olds that are a bigger risk because of dangerous driving habits….

    • safedriver says:

      As family members, we have to stay on top of their driving ability. We need to support them, but also let them know that help is needed. Thanks for your comment.

  2. I own a car service in Toronto and we have seen an increase in children that are looking for alternative methods of transportation for elderly parents. In many cases, public transportation is not a comfortable solution.

    Thank you for posting. Something to think about with our aging population.

  3. Vince Klortho says:

    This is why we need to have biannual or annual driver retesting beginning at age 70. Can’t pass? Sorry, no licence. This, to me, would be much, much better than putting health care providers and family members into the position of the Driving Police.

  4. The focus of healthcare professionals, as a result of their role in the driving regulatory system, and the safety-critical nature of driving, often centers around the question of when older drivers should quit. But that should be only the beginning; professionals, especially geriatric psychiatrists must approach driving retirement as a late-life developmental crisis and possible family crisis. Older patients need help coping and adjusting once the keys have been taken away, and this may be just as important to their emotional safety.

  5. Carl Smith says:

    I was involved in a hit and run years ago where the driver came through a red light, made a right turn and then entered the outside lane, which I was in. I was able to stop but he still sideswiped me but there was minor damage. Luckily I got his plate number. When the police tracked him down, he turned out to be 96 years old! He argued that even though I had the green light, he was also convinced that he had the green light! The police officer forced him to get a medical, and the Officer told me he would never be medically fit to get his license back. The Officer said that he should have stopped driving many years before.

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