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  1. Anna Schuler says:

    Great article! It is also very wise for anyone to avoid traveling in any lane beside a truck. Not so bad when the freeway is stop and go, but at high speeds, when I blow a tire on my truck, the tires are re-caps, and the entire tread blows off! Have heard of this causeing fatal accidents with small cars having the tread launch into the windshield. Very scarry for me too see a group of motorcycles riding alongside my truck, right next to the driver tires when the roads are hot. I wish they would just accelerate past me. I always end up slowing down untill that side of my truck and trailer are clear. Bikes do this when there is a side wind, and they are useing me to block the wind. Sitting in the cab of a truck it feels like a bomb explodes as it reverberates under the truck, look in the mirror, and there goes three foot of tread in one dirrection or another. We call them “allegaters”, on the CB Radio, as we notify eachother that there is one in a lane that we need to avoid hitting.

    • safedriver says:

      Thanks for the comment. I’m really happy to know you’re doing your part to help create space around your truck. Well done.

    • RT says:

      Recaps should be banned. If I had a flat tire and threw the flat in the road, I’d be arresested. Why should trucks get a free pass?

      And I’m happy to give trucks plenty of room. However, trucks should be limited to right hand lane only everywhere.

  2. Thanks for this post Scott. As a long time truck driver it is much appreciated. You hit on many key elements of the challenges we face driving a piece of heavy equipment on todays busy roads.
    Always enjoy your posts!

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