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  1. Patrick says:

    Seriously? You mean that there isn’t a special by-law in Hamilton that says: “Please park on the ‘wrong’ side of the street whenever possible”? Any time I’ve been in Hamilton, I have always been astounded to see the number of people that do this.

    I was always under the impression that parking on the left side of a two-way street was against the law. Am I to gather from your post that it isn’t illegal – just ill-advised?

    • safedriver says:

      It falls under the city bi-laws. The traffic department doesn’t have the “parked on the wrong side of the road” listed on a parking ticket. It’s just a bad thing that has grown over the many years and generations of drivers in Hamilton.

      • Anon says:

        I personally grew up in Hamilton and it was common to park on the wrong side of a residential area. I moved and people were weirded out when I did that and I told them it was ok. Then I got ticketed and found this post through Googling after trying to justify it. Interesting (and costly).

        • safedriver says:

          Thanks for reading. It’s truly a “Hamilton thing” and I haven’t really seen other areas allow this type of parking.

  2. Ninad W says:

    In the city I stay in, Thane, India, we have rules to park on a particular side of the road, depending on the date. If its an odd date (1,11,21 etc) we park on one designated side, marked by road signs.
    And on the other side if it’s an even date (2,12,22 etc)..

  3. Stephanie says:

    I don’t remember who taught me, but I have always parked on the right side of the road. That’s the side you’re driving on, it just makes sense, doesn’t it?

  4. kyle says:

    I still don’t see how this is that bad. A large vehicle can park in front of you and block your sight no matter which direction you are facing. Also, if it’s considered “driving in the wrong lane” to just park, why isn’t turning left wrong?

    • safedriver says:

      If you have a large vehicle in front of you, but you’re parked on the right side of the street, you can still have clear visibility from oncoming traffic. If you’re parked on the left side of the street and have a large vehicle parked directly in front of you, you won’t see the oncoming traffic until you are directly in their path. If a large vehicle was behind you while parked on the right side of the street, you could still use your side mirror to see what was coming from behind before pulling out into traffic. Parking on the left side of the street on a two way street often leads to pulling out blindly into traffic.

  5. angela says:

    I was driving down a residential road and a car was parked on the right side of the road.facing me I looked down for a split second. And hit this ford truck now that want to sue me and suspend my license ……. were they n the wrong. Should I have to pay

  6. Rpdrogp says:

    In Pennsylvania, a car on a two-way street must be parked so that its right wheels are six inches from the curb. Therefore, a car parked on the left side opposing traffic is illegally parked because its right wheels are clearly more than six inches from the curb. Beyond that, if you park opposing traffic on a two-way street it is a safety concern. You have to cross in front of opposing traffic to enter and to leave the parking spot.

    • Rpdrogp says:

      Alas, I made an error above. In Pennsylvania, a parked car’s right wheels must be 12 inches from the right curb. Still, you cannot park on the left side of a two-way street and comply with this parking requirement.

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