Drive-thru or park?

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  1. Patrick Mathieu says:

    Just yesterday I was with my kids in the car and I said that we were going to stop at the bank so I could make a deposit. I told them that it wouldn’t take long, because the branch has a drive-thru.

    The 3 year-old turned to the 7 year-old and informed him:

    “Yeah, and they also have a ‘go-in’ too.”

  2. Susan Winlaw says:

    Another great article Scott. When the line has more than 3 cars in it, I definitely park and go in to order. There are a few combination locations (Tim’s and Wendy’s) where it is simply nuts to go through the line.
    And who cares if your slippers are fuzzy!! It makes you interesting and so self assured that you’d be comfortable in a coffee shop or whatever ordering in comfy footwear.
    Keep up the interesting articles. I’ll keep RT’ing you on twitter.

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