Can you really multi-task?

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  1. Anna Schuler says:

    Good article. I like the Pattie Cake test.

  2. alsopollyanna says:

    Here’s another example about how we can NOT multitask certain things (Even covers why we can walk & chew gum, but not walk & use a cell…):
    PLS note Page 7 @ , which will explain WHY hands-free calling is NOT much safer at all! STAY SAFE: Turn Off Cell B/4 Driving!!! 750 FREE safety reminder stickers 2 put ON cells &/or drivers’ visors &/or 2 WEAR &/or Share 2 Print on Avery 5260 labels @ 2nd pdf @ this site yields 30 site directions/ 8×11 sheet of paper, so others can get their own 750!!!! More than 500,000 stickers R in use around the world!!!!!

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