Is it the road or the driver?

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  1. Marj Wyatt says:

    Your tweet caught my eye. The last speeding ticket I was offered, and got out of, is an interesting story. The officer told me I had been speeding. I succinctly informed him I didn’t believe him. He was totally flummoxed. 🙂

    I asked him if he would give me an Easter present and let it go. He said he would if there were no recent events on my record, which there weren’t.

    The moral of the story is that you don’t have to flutter your eyelashes to escape a ticket.

    Thanks for the opportunity to share.

    P.S. How come all your posts are uncategorized?

  2. lapearce says:

    There was a horrific crash near me a few months back. It was on a back road popular with teen drivers. An 18 year old with prior speeding tickets and a 300hp Mustang was going an estimated 65mph through a sweeping turn on the 35mph speed limit road. He went into an oversteer spin and plowed the car into a tree sideways at a high rate of speed, killing himself and his passenger.

    The father of the passenger is now trying to get the road changed to save lives. It makes me want to bang my head against the wall. The road did nothing wrong. The driver made all the mistakes. Had the driver been going the speed limit there is no way he would have crashed! I love this road. It is the more entertaining way to visit my parents, but now people want to put in speed bumps or close it down to non-residents because teens have the habit of going fast on the road and getting themselves into trouble.

    For the sake of us safe drivers who enjoy nice drives, please, stop blaming the roads!

    It’s this complex where people don’t want to admit that they or their loved ones can be at fault. Little boy falls over in tag? Blame the school. Kid gets on facebook without parent’s knowledge? Blame facebook. Teen dies on road because he was driving too fast? Blame the road? Lets stop blaming inanimate objects and solve the real problem here: the lack of driver’s education.

  3. Sue says:

    So very true! Let’s be responsible! Very well said Scott. Keep up the awesome writing!

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