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  1. Another great post, Scott. I often wonder about all the latest and greatest safety features, and whether we don’t just create new problems by attempting to dumb down the driver. For example, stability control — will that cause the inexperienced driver to push the limits of that compensating mechanism to the point where it’s almost certain that a serious crash will occur?

    I’m a firm believer in giving the driver better understanding and ability to control the vehicle rather than waiting until the vehicle removes all need to do anything. It’s just not going to happen, at least not in my lifetime.

    • safedriver says:

      Thanks for the cooment Rich. I agree with you to a point. When we wait for the vehicle to control the situation, it may late longer. The best solution to any driving problem is not to put yourself in that situation. Electronic Stability Control (ESC) allows for a quick solution with just the right amount of correction to get the vehicle where it needs to go. The driver still needs to look where they want to go and they also need to know if their vehicle has this system. Thanks again for your comments.


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