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  1. Most of the skills we need to drive one type of vehicle on the road are transferable to other types of vehicles we may find our selves in control of. The rules of the road don’t vary too much between the different vehicles that use it. This is supposed to keep the actions of all road users somewhat predictable and consistent.

    Your kids, if they haven’t yet, should take the Kids CAN-BIKE course. The course is similar to what you teach drivers, but from a cyclists perspective of the roads we use.

    In fact, I also recommend that parents take the CAN-BIKE II (2) program so that they can re-enforce the learnings of their kids.

    Many people have opined to me that riding a bike, after having taken the CAN-BIKE program, makes them a better driver. Certainly I feel my own (car and bike) driving skills are improved since I took the CAN-BIKE program just a few years ago. It also refreshed for me many of the learnings that I had when I took the drivers course when earning my license. In other words, CAN-BIKE and Driver’s Ed complement and re-enforce each other.

    As you probably already know, learning the same skill but from another perspective (or with a different tool) makes you better at the skill overall. Learning to drive more than one type of vehicle makes you a better driver overall. It’s the same as how learning to read different types of books and written materials makes you a better reader overall.

    And as for kids, riding a bike gives them an opportunity to actually practice what they think they know about driving. Riding with your kid(s) means you can give each other feedback about how specific situations can be handled better, or even avoided, the next time.

    And should your kids choose to get a license after they are sixteen, they will already have had some practice using our roads and ‘negotiating with other road users for the safe space they need for and around themselves and their vehicle’, which is often one of the more difficult skills for people to learn, and it is skill that can only be acquired by doing.

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