On your mark, get set, merge!

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  1. Sue says:

    You have definitely said it very well Scott. Keep up the awesome communication!

  2. Sue says:

    I sure hope the driver that was ahead of me going onto the freeway today reads your blog. Once in the acceleration/merging lane, they came to dead stop, waiting for the freeway to be free of any vehicles in the adjacent lanes.

  3. Steph says:

    I see this type of thing all the time. Most of the time it’s the other merger in front of me that doesn’t get up to speed before trying to merge. Then I have to slow down too until they merge into the next lane. It’s very frustrating sometimes. I mean, you’re supposed to be going faster, that’s what the Expressway/Highway is for… and all they do is slow down. If you don’t feel comfortable driving on a Highway, don’t do it!

  4. Janet says:

    Everytime I get onto the highway I hear my dad’s voice going “find a spot and match speeds!” That said, I think your advice is absolutely golden. I can certainly also relate it back to an experience I had recently while making the 411 mile trip home. One could say I’ve got a terrible commute: I work in DC and “live” in southern West Virginia–411 miles of Appalachian-traversing adventure!

    It was rainy and not particularly pleasant, I was climbing a grade with no cars ahead of me, yet a row of other cars also taking the grade slowly behind me, and someone comes zipping up the on-ramp, he’s got speed and momentum on his side. I waved and flashed my lights at him to signal that he had room and could merge ahead of me (at the time we were side by side though he was beginning to pass me). He wouldn’t do it. Even though any other action would’ve required me or the person behind me to hit the brakes and lose a lot of the momentum on this grade. I had to slow down and bit by bit I was down to under 40 mph on an interstate, flashing my lights, and even honking my horn to alert to this driver that, no seriously, it’s in everyone’s best interest if he’s a little less timid, maintains his speed (which had been at least 10 mph faster than me in the beginning), and just takes the lead on our little right-lane convoy up the grade.

    Things like that frustrate me endlessly. I feel like many drivers drive as if they are wearing blinders, yet a glance in the mirror would’ve shown no gaps for a ways behind me on this already challenging grade.

    Mmm, that was cathartic! Keep up the great work!

  5. If someone is entering and signalling, I offer space to merge, if they choose to ignore it, they learn a lesson in geometry, rectangles do not fit into triangles where a diamond shaped sign told you already. If I am merging I do signal and I make every effort to go behind the guy who may be beside me as I enter. Far too often I find motorists with this obessive need to be ahead of people when they merge. (Behind is usally several hundred feet, ahead is usually less than 10 feet) This never bodes well as the further you go to get ahead, the less lane you have to do so. Split merge lanes are a real problem on Hwy 400 and 404/DVP. If the Minsitry cannot design lanes effectively they need to be eliminated. While Black Creek/Jane ramp area was being resurfaced we had 2 good lanes, excellent flow, and no merging issues, you either exited or stayed. As soon as they re-opened the third split merge lane, it became traffic chaos all over again. It does not matter how many signs are posted to say a lane ends, people will enter it as long as the lane that actually moves is full of cars, and the merge lane isn’t. It’s Me Society Syndrome. People are so admant about moving forward they ignore signs telling them their choice is not worthwhile. Simple basic geometry, rectangles do not fit in triangles. A 5 yr old can master this, a motorist should be able to, sadly many motorists do not think as a rule. This happens in downtown streets that allow parking, motorists will kamikaze between parked cars rather than follow the left lane flow, because they are moving slower or stopped as they approach.
    My comedy has many names for these geometrically inept souls, its not rocket science, the math is way simpler.

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