Take a walk on the wild side!

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  1. Anna Schuler says:

    NO, not the run down feeling! ;0
    We drive with our eyes, hands, and feet, but we also use our sense of smell and hearing to warn us, and our ESP. If you are relaxed and allow no distractions to remove you from the flow of traffic and events around you, the body language of others becomes so apparent that you can read thier minds and predict what they will do next.
    That lady probably scowled because she was raised as I was. To believe that pedestrians ALWAYS have the right-of-way. I still believe it.

  2. Despite what a York region officer told me yesterday in a meeting at city hall to create a task force on the issue, I always believe a pedestrian has right of way, his opinion was a pedestrian is only legal as long as the walk signal is on in a lighted interesection, but that signal expects you to walk at 5km/h, which is fine if you’re a fit teen but hard if you’re any other age.

    I observe everything, I can read body language of cars in front of me, I know what turn they’re planning even if they cannot signal, and I do my best to inform them them of their lack of awareness.

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