Stop or slow, what’s the difference?

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  1. The Legacy says:

    I admit that I sometimes do this. Most often, when I do, it’s at intersections where there is a substantial amount of open view to see traffic, or I see incoming traffic at an extremely difficult to leave intersection or driveway, and I am fully confident in doing so safely.

    The rest of the time, far more often than not, I will come to a complete stop, -especially- in century-old neighbourhoods like in Kingston, where buildings are extremely close to the road, and the narrow roads are designed originally for horse and carriage.

    It’s not worth the risk, unless there is absolutely zero chance of an accident, and you can clearly see that in advance. Illegality aside, drivers shouldn’t do this because most won’t have the perceptive and analytical skills, and in some cases, the experience to make safe judgement calls.

    It’s also not worth a ticket.

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