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Right of way is about giving, not taking

One of the discussions I seem to have on a monthly basis is about right of way. It seems to be confusing to many people; drivers, pedestrians and cyclists alike. What’s your take on this...

Roundabouts are new…or are they?

Change is always within us. If you’re able to be flexible you can accept change fairly easily. We change our appearance, style and possessions quite often. How well do you accept change? Our traffic patterns...

How many drivers really know what yielding means?

Drivers across our country seem to have a different interpretation to a lot of driving rules. Most drivers won’t admit it, but I see it happen almost every day that I drive. The one that...

Roundabouts are in our future

Roundabouts are in our future

This was from the October 9, 2009 edition of The Stoney Creek News;