Smile, you’re on candid camera!

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  1. Bridget says:

    The lousiest thing is when student drivers get red light or speed camera tickets. It’s something that wouldn’t happen if an actual police officer was the one pulling over the vehicle. There are usually really good reasons for the actions of drivers and unfortunately, automated ticket machines are all about revenue instead of safety.

  2. DriveSmartBC says:

    Please re-read what you just wrote Bridget. The only difference I see between a camera ticket and an officer issued ticket is that with the officer issued ticket you receive points. You pay for points and as a student driver you lose your license for points. Looks to me like cameras give you a bit of a break!

    Also, a violation is a violation. You know better (or certainly should if you don’t) and chose to disobey. Ultimately, whose fault is the ticket?

  3. Bridget says:

    We don’t have points in Washington State. Camera tickets are like parking tickets…except they cost 10-20 times more. Here, they don’t affect a driver’s record or increase their insurance rates.

    Traffic laws are for the safety of the community. Not stopping a violator at the time of the violation does nothing for safety. It’s just a revenue stream. Cities and private camera companies are making bank on the backs of the drivers in the name of traffic safety.

    Collisions have not consistently decreased in camera patrolled intersections. Unfortunately, many cameras aren’t even placed in intersections that have high collision rates. See wikipedia’s red light camera article for links to the studies that have been done around the world.

    So you know where I’m coming from, I have never received a red light camera or speed camera ticket. I support obeying the law. It is our fault if we are speeding, or not making a complete stop for a right on red, or even driving a car with a head light out, not passing in the passing lane, or not using a turn signal. But I don’t believe that all traffic violations are equal. Some are a lot more dangerous than others. follows this issue closely and I’ve appreciated reading what’s going on all over the U.S. (and especially in my state) on the topic. talks about how camera companies are fighting against citizens and their right to dictate how they will be governed. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as obeying or disobeying traffic laws. The issue runs much much deeper.

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